Aerial maneuvers west of Crete

Today, a NATO Boeing E-3A (registration LX-N90445) took off from Konya AB, central Turkey, and headed for the central Mediterranean to carry out a mission in an unusual area (it is usually seen active in the eastern Mediterranean or Romania). However, there is a “gap” of about 1.5 hours in the track we have (from 12:00 to 13:30 CEST).

During this period, we do not have the aircraft’s track and do not know where it was located with precision.

However, the track of a USAF Boeing KC-135R (registration 57-1514) that appears to have performed an air refueling in the area west of Crete helps us. It is therefore possible that the NATO AWACS refueled from the American tanker. Around 14:30, the AWACS began its return to Konya.

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