ITS Morosini returns to the Mediterranean Sea

On September 16, 2023, after over 160 days of deployment in the Indo-Pacific region, the Italian Navy ship Morosini (P 431) crossed the Suez Canal northbound and returned to the Mediterranean Sea. This marked the end of the ship’s current naval campaign, which is still ongoing, and the conclusion of its recent operational commitment to Operations Agenor-Emasoh and Eunavfor Atalanta. During these operations, the ship alternated between activities at sea and in port.

The Morosini is a PPA-class patrol vessel of the Italian Navy. She is the second ship in the class to be commissioned.

In addition to her operational activities, the Morosini also conducted port visits to Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. These visits were an opportunity to strengthen cooperation between the Italian Navy and other navies through Naval Diplomacy. This is particularly important in a maritime context that is constantly changing, increasingly interconnected, and a critical crossroads for Italian and European commercial and maritime interests.

The Morosini’s campaign will continue for a few more weeks in the Mediterranean Sea. During this time, the ship will continue to conduct operational activities, Naval Diplomacy, and promotion of the Italian system. These activities demonstrate the Italian Navy’s daily commitment to protecting the interests of the nation.


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