French CAP over the Black Sea

Today we tracked what appears to be a Combat Air Patrol (CAP), or something similar, conducted by French fighter jets taking off directly from France.

In fact, today around 10:00 CET, a French Air Force Airbus A330MRTT (reg. F-UJCR) departed from Istres Air Base in southern France, heading south.

Upon reaching the southeast of Corsica, the aircraft performed aerial refueling while orbiting over the Tyrrhenian Sea before continuing its flight northeastward.

Around 13:15, the tanker conducted another aerial refueling, this time off the Bulgarian coast, before turning off its ADS-B transponder.

The aircraft then reappeared after about two hours, this time flying back towards France. We cannot say for certain, but it is highly probable that during the two-hour gap, the aircraft operated over the Black Sea, most likely not alone.

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