Mare Aperto 2019

Yesterday is ended the “Mare Aperto 2019” exercise – the first annual complex training event of the Italian Navy conducted by the Commander in Chief of the Naval Squadron – also includes assets of the Army and the Italian Air Force, as well as naval units of the two permanent NATO and European Maritime Force.

At sea in addition to the aircraft carrier Garibaldi, with the AV8B aircraft aboard, ships and submarines of the Navy and ships from USA (also USS Abraham Lincoln carrier), Canada, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey, framed in the permanent maritime groups of NATO and in the European Maritime Force.

The Italian Navy lined up the Marina San Marco Brigade. Tornado, AMX, CAEW, Predator, KC 767 of the Italian Air Force as well as the “Lagunari” regiment, AW-129 helicopters, a command post of terrestrial artillery and a command post of anti-aircraft artillery of the Italian Army took part in the exercise.


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(Photos via Italian Navy)

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