[Video] LNA Mi-35 very low flight

Incredible video recorded by Libya National Air Force a pilot of a Mi-35 heavy attack helicopter showing him flying low over the Mediterranean Sea near Sirte and above a highway. The video was recored 5 days ago (the part over the Sea) and today (the part over the runway).

There were 7 Mil Mi-35 helicopter active in Libya but one pro-LNA Mi-35 combat attack helicopter was shot down at Ras Lanouf and another pro-LNA Mi-35 combat attack helicopter was abandoned by the pro-LNA forces at Ras Lanouf air force base during a pro-GNA militant surprise offensive in March 2017, the helicopter was subsequently destroyed on the ground by the pro-GNA militants in order to prevent its recapture by the pro-LNA forces.

We don’t know the exact number of Mi-35 available today in the country.

(via @pilot_beka and @BabakTaghvaee)

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