Interesting (and unusual) MIASIT mission

Interesting MIASIT* mission this morning: an Italian Air Force Lockheed C-130J (reg. MM62178 – callsign IAM4655) left the Trapani Birgi AB at around 11:30 CET, while an ItAF Boeing KC-767A (reg. MM62228 – callsign IAM1408) left Pratica di Mare AB just before(11:00 CET).

This is a reconstruction, the fighters were not visible on tracking sites

In recent months we have tracked almost weekly MIASIT missions but since long time since we tracked a similar mission with the support of a tanker and, consequently, of some fighters.

Around 14:00 CET the C.130J left Misrata again and now it’s in flight to Italy again

*Missione bilaterale di assistenza e supporto in Libia – MIASIT: flight with supplies for the Italian military field hospital in Misrata

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