New Italian mission in Libya

Today we’ve tracked a new flight of an Italian Air Force Lockheed C-130J (MM62186) to Misrata, Libya.

The aircraft left Pratica di Mare AB at 14:01 CEST southbound for Misrata around 16:00. After less than an half hour the aircraft departed Misrata northbound.

Meanwhile an Italian Air Force Gulfstraem E.550 (MM62303) made a surveillance mission somewhere off Libya (during the mission the ADS-B transponder was switched off)

Probably the missions were linked.

It was a flight with supplies for the Italian military field hospital in Misrata (Missione bilaterale di assistenza e supporto in Libia – MIASIT ).

The Italian medical team consists of 70 doctors and nurses as well as 135 service staffers in all different sections of the hospital.

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