Seventh report on the naval situation in the Mediterranean Sea

New (7th) report on the naval situation in the Mediterranean sea.

Warning. This post shows the positions of the main naval groups or other individual units deemed relevant. This post is not exhaustive of all units present at sea at this time.

NATO naval forces

NATO currently has 4 aircraft carriers available in the central/eastern Mediterranean:

1) The USNavy aircraft carrier USS Truman (CVN-75) has arrived on 10th of May in Naples

2) Italian aircraft carriers Cavour (C550) and Garibaldi (C551)  are participating in Mare Aperto 2022 exercise in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Several Italian and NATO units are taking part in the exercise.

3) French Navy carrier Charles de Gaulle (R-91) is in Toulon

4) The Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 is underway in the eastern Mediterranean sea

5) the German Navy frigate Lubeck (F214) is carrying out the usual patrol of the Chios Strait

5) On April 20 the Royal Navy submarine HMS Audacious (S122) left Gibraltar and headed for the central Mediterranean.

RUSSIA naval forces

Russian forces are currently divided as follows:

1) The cruiser Marshall Ustinov is reported west of Crete menawhile the frigate Admiral Kasatonov is probably in the same area;

2) the frigate Admiral Grigorovich is reported underway in the southern Aegean Sea

3) all remaining units, including the two Kilo-class submarines are located in or near the port of Tartus

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