RAF surveillance mission over the Black Sea

A  RAF Boeing RC-135W (reg. ZZ665) is carrying out (16:00 CET) this afternoon a surveillance misison over the Black Sea.

After what happened on 29 September (an RAF RC-135 was intercepted by Russian fighters, departed from Belbek AB, who fired a missile by mistake) two RAF Eurofigther FGR.4s (reg. ZK362/ZK351– callsign PSYCHO61/62) are escorting the aircraft over the Black Sea.

While the RC-135W took off from RAF Waddington, the two Typhoons departed from RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, and carried out an aerial refuelling over Romania with the help of an RAF tanker, an Airbus KC.2 (reg. ZZ337), which also took off from Cyprus.

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