Egyptian air force aircraft incident prompts supersonic scramble by Italian eurofighters

Yesterday afternoon, around 2:30 PM CEST, an Egyptian Air Force CASA C-295 (reg. SU-BSG), which had taken off from Ciampino and was en route to Berlin, lost radio contact with the relevant air traffic control authorities, triggering the alarm and interception procedure.

Two Italian Air Force Eurofighter F-2000A jets from the 4th Wing in Grosseto, guided by the Air Defense controllers of the 11th D.A.M.I. Group in Poggio Renatico, were authorized to perform supersonic activities after takeoff to reach the malfunctioning aircraft as quickly as possible. Before reaching the aircraft, near Rovigo, the visual identification was called off as the plane had restored radio contact.

This is the second scramble for the Italian Air Force aircraft in few days, following the one from last Sunday.

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