Monitoring Russian flottilla

The navigation of the tanker Vice Admiral Paromov is continuing to the east. We have known since yesterday that another unit, the minesweeper Vladimir Emelyanov, is also sailing alongside her. Moreover, we do not exclude the possibility that the tanker Vyazma and the frigate Admiral Gorshkov might also be in navigation at a short distance.

We do not know the intentions of the ships (though it is probable that some of them are en route to return to Russia). Furthermore, we add that as of today, we have confirmation that the corvette Mercury is located in the Mediterranean (it is anchored in an Algerian port).

All this movement has caught the attention of NATO, and this afternoon, two flights were tracked that intersected the path of the Russian ships.

The first to take off was an Italian Air Force Beech B.350 SPYDR (reg. MM62300), departing from Decimomannu AB. We do not have certainty whether its flight is connected to the passage of the Russian ships in the Sicilian Channel, as it quickly turned off its ADS-B transponder after takeoff. Nevertheless, the area in which it operated was still that region.

However, we are certain about the purpose of the mission of a USN Boeing P-8A from Sigonella, which circled the position of the Vice Admiral Paromov for a long time this afternoon southeast of Sicily.

It is possible that in the coming hours and days, we will witness other similar missions by NATO assets operating in the area.

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