NATO aircraft conduct surveillance missions in Black Sea

New day of surveillance in the Black Sea theater. We are currently tracking two aircraft in the area. The first is an EP-3E (reg. 156517) of the US Navy that is orbiting over eastern Romania near the Black Sea coast. The second is a NATO Boeing E-3A (reg. LX-N90452) that, after taking off from Konya AB, is currently orbiting in northern Turkey.

In both cases, the two aircraft can control the entire airspace and maritime surface of the central-western Black Sea.

The US EP-3E is a long-range maritime patrol aircraft that is equipped with a variety of sensors, including radar, infrared cameras, and electronic intelligence (ELINT) gear. These sensors allow the aircraft to gather intelligence on a wide range of targets, including ships, submarines, and aircraft.

The NATO E-3A is an airborne early warning and control (AWACS) aircraft that is equipped with a powerful radar system that can track aircraft and ships at long ranges. The AWACS is also equipped with a variety of communications and datalink systems that allow it to coordinate the activities of other NATO aircraft and ground forces.

The presence of these two aircraft in the Black Sea is a sign of the continued tension in the region. The US and NATO are committed to deterring Russian aggression, and these surveillance missions are part of that effort.

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