Report on the Russian presence in the Mediterranean

This week, the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean has further decreased, with the frigate Admiral Gorshkov and the minesweeper Vladimir Emelyanov leaving the Mediterranean together with two tankers (the Vice Admiral Paromov and the Vyazma).

As of today, therefore, the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean is at its lowest point if we compare it to the units present here at the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Currently, only 3 combat units are based in Tartus:

We also record the presence of the spy ship Kildin and two tankers (PM-82 and Yelnya).

At the beginning of the invasion in Ukraine, there were a dozen surface units (including two cruisers and two frigates) and two submarines (which became three for a period) in the Mediterranean.


As of today, therefore, the Russian presence is little more than symbolic. If no new units are sent in the coming weeks, the Russian Navy will no longer represent a problem for NATO units in the Mediterranean (assuming it ever was).

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