In Poland, the Italian Task Force Air 4th Wing is being established

After the arrival of four Eurofighter aircraft (F-2000) and the initial familiarization flights, the 4th Wing Air Task Force has been established in Malbork, Poland, which will be employed in the framework of NATO’s Enhanced Air Policing (En-AP) operations.

The Italian En-AP deployment, following the return of the F35s to their permanent bases in Amendola (FG) and Ghedi (BS), has reached full operational capability and has replaced the F35 aircraft of the 32nd Wing Air Task Force that have been operating in Poland since early September.

“With the arrival of the four Eurofighters from the four Wings of the Italian Air Force and the rapid achievement of Initial Operational Capability (IOC) followed shortly after by Full Operational Capability (FOC), the 4th Wing TFA is now ready to operate continuously after the ’32nd Wing’ TFA,” emphasizes Colonel Antonio Vergallo, Commander of the TFA. “This highlights the ability of our Armed Forces to support NATO continuously and to carry out our missions and tasks consistently and without interruption. The speed and effectiveness of the handover reflect our technical preparedness and our ability to face new challenges swiftly.”

The 4th Wing Air Task Force, composed of approximately 150 men and women of the Italian Air Force, is under the direct national authority of COVI and ensures the control and safeguarding of the northeast flank of NATO, without interruption, thus ensuring a rapid response to protect allied airspace.

The TFA is equipped with Eurofighter aircraft (F-2000) from the 4th Wing of Grosseto, 36th Wing of Gioia del Colle, 37th Wing of Trapani, and 51st Wing of Istrana.

Air Shielding, of which the permanent Air Policing (AP) deployment is an integral part, is a NATO-led mission of peace and collective defense conducted continuously 365 days a year and managed by the Allied Air Command (AIRCOM) in Ramstein, Germany.

Activities conducted in the operational theater are carried out according to the directives issued by the Joint Interforce Operational Command (COVI), which is the High Command of Defense responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing joint exercises and operations nationally and internationally.


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