USAF C-17A leaving Benghazi

USAF C-17A leaving Benghazi

This evening, around 10.30PM, an USAF Boeing C-17A (07-7189, callsign RCH343) left Benghazi, Lybia, northbound. We don't know the nature...

USAF C-17A landing in Misrata

USAF C-17A landing in Misrata

This morning an USAF Boeing C-17A (10-0222) landed in Misrata, Libya. We don't know the nature of the mission. In...

Global Hawk landing in Sigonella

An USAF Northrop Grumman RQ-4B (callsign FORTE10) is landing in NAS Sigonella after a surveillance mission over Black Sea.

C-146A to Niamey

#US Special Operations Command Dornier C-146A in flight from NAS Sigonella to Niamey, Niger.

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