Italian Air Force F-35B landing on the ITS Cavour

The Desk Aeronautico website shows us how is currently underway west of Sicily an exercise involving aircraft carrier activity.

The Italian Navy “Cavour” (C550) aircraft carrier is carrying out an exercise in the central Mediterranean with the Royal Navy carrier “HMS Queen Elizabeth” (R08).

In the past an Italian Navy F-35B had operated already from ITS Cavour (during “Mare Aperto 2021” exercise) but the interesting thing about today’s exercise is that for the first time an Italian Air Force F-35B (reg. MM7453) aircraft is operating from the Italian aircraft carrier.

The final Italian goal is to create a single task force with aircraft from the Navy and the Air Force.

In the interaction with the British aircraft carrier, thanks to the high level of interoperability achieved, two Italian F-35Bs are docked on the Queen Elizabeth and at the same time two US Marine Corps F-35Bs, embarked on the English ship, are docked on the Italian aircraft carrier Cavour.

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