Constant Phoenix leaving Mediterranean theatre

After 5 days the USAF Boeing WC-135 “Constant Phoenix” (reg. 64-14836)  leaves Souda Bay AB and the Mediterranean theater.

As far as the tracking sites know, he hasn’t made any flights in these 5 days.

Upon the arrival of the Constant Phoenix, several voices immediately arose that saw an imminent nuclear accident in the Zaporizhzhia plant (and therefore the presence of the aircraft which has sensors suitable for sniffing the presence of radioactive material in the air).

But maybe that wasn’t the case because the situation in Zaporizhzhia hasn’t calmed down at all and the Constant Phoenix is returning to the USA. Or the US now has enough information to believe that there is no longer any danger of an outbreak in Zaporizhzhia.

Provided that the presence of the aircraft was in fact related to the situation in Ukraine.

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