10th Viper delivered to Hellenic Air Force

The Hellenic Air Force (HAF) has received its 10th upgraded F-16 Viper fighter jet, as announced by Lockheed Martin and the Hellenic Aerospace Industry. The HAF is set to receive a total of 84 upgraded fighters by 2027. These Viper-configured aircraft offer advanced security, networking, and sensor capabilities, empowering the HAF to effectively handle emerging threats in the region and support allied missions worldwide.

The Hellenic Aerospace Industry (EAV) is responsible for the aircraft’s upgrades, with support and guidance from Lockheed Martin teams based in both EAV and the US. Over two decades of industrial cooperation programs between EAV and Lockheed Martin, the Greek defense industry and EAV are expected to benefit economically by more than $1 billion upon completion of the current F-16 Viper upgrade program.

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