Italian Air Force Boeing KC-767A Likely Delivered Military Aid to Ukraine

An Italian Air Force Boeing KC-767A (reg. MM62226) aircraft conducted a flight between Pratica di Mare Air Base in Italy and Rzeszow, Poland, on September 2, 2023. The aircraft took off from Pratica di Mare at approximately 7:00 a.m. local time and returned to Pratica di Mare at approximately 14:30 a.m.

The exact nature of the cargo on board the aircraft is unknown, but it is likely that it included military aid for Ukraine. Italy has been a strong supporter of Ukraine in its ongoing war with Russia, and has provided billions of dollars in military and humanitarian aid.

The flight of the KC-767A is a further indication of Italy’s commitment to supporting Ukraine. The aircraft is a large cargo aircraft that is capable of carrying up to 70 tons of cargo. It is also equipped with a refueling system that allows it to refuel other aircraft in flight.

The flight of the KC-767A is a significant contribution to the Ukrainian war effort. It will help to ensure that Ukraine has the supplies it needs to continue fighting against Russia.

**Additional Details**

The KC-767A is a modified version of the Boeing 767-200ER commercial airliner. It is used by the Italian Air Force for both transport and refueling missions. The aircraft has a range of over 12,000 kilometers, making it capable of flying from Pratica di Mare to Rzeszow without refueling.

The flight of the KC-767A is the latest in a series of military aid deliveries to Ukraine from Italy. In recent months, Italy has provided Ukraine with anti-tank missiles, armored vehicles, and other weapons.

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