New day, new NATO missions in the Black Sea area

New day of NATO surveillance missions in the Black Sea theater.

Currently, there are at least 3 NATO assets operating in the area. A US Navy Boeing P-8A, taking off from NAS Sigonella, is orbiting over the Danube Delta in eastern Romania.

An Italian Air Force Gulfstream E.550 CAEW (registration MM62303 – callsign PERSEO71), taking off from Pratica di Mare AB, is operating in the same area.

It’s the second mission of an Italian CAEW in the area within a few days (it had been a while since we recorded one of their missions here).

Operating over the Black Sea is a NATO Northrop Grumman RQ-4D (registration MM-AV-SA0016 – callsign MAGMA10), taking off from Sigonella AB. As usual, once over the Black Sea, the drone has turned off its ADS-B transponder.

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