Turkey sends humanitarian aid to Libya after cyclone-induced floods

A subtropical cyclone, named Daniel, struck eastern Libya on September 10, 2023, causing heavy rainfall, strong winds, and storm surges. The city of Derna was the worst hit, with two dams collapsing and releasing over 33 million cubic meters of water that caused devastating floods.

The images coming out of Libya are dramatic. Roads have been turned into rivers of water and mud, homes have been destroyed, and villages have been isolated.

The Libyan government has declared a state of emergency in the eastern region of the country. Rescue teams have been dispatched to help people stranded by the floods.

Turkey has mobilized, sending a first Airbus A400M (reg. 21-0118) that landed in Benghazi overnight (and is now returning to Turkey) while a second A400M (reg. 14-0028) is in the air at this moment en route to the capital of Cyrenaica. An additional Lockheed C-130H (reg. 73-0991) is en route to Libya to carry humanitarian aid.

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